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  • #1864 by William Sievert


    Alluring and almost magical is “#1864,” by William Sievert.

  • 1i by Daniel Heron


    Daniel Heron’s “1i” is an acrylic abstract painting that is original as it is captivating. It is 23.5 inches wide by 32.5 inches high and sells for $900.

  • A Well Placed Lie #2 by Marcia K Hales


    An original acrylic masterpiece interwoven with color and detail is “A Well Placed Lie #2” by Marcia Hales.

  • About Face by Rufus Snoddy


    Look, see, imagine with “About Face,” by Rufus Snoddy.

  • Amber Impression by Rufus Snoddy


    Drawing you in with intrigue is Rufus Snoddy’s “Amber Impression.”

  • Animal Spirit by Rufus Snoddy


    Rufus Snoddy examines form and character in “Animal Spirit.”

  • Balance/#264 by Ron Gianola


    Geometry is art in “Balance/#264” by Ron Gianola, a clever use of shape and color.

  • Before the Storm by Jerry Gates


    Anticipation stirs the emotions in “Before the Storm” by Jerry Gates, mixed media on canvas, 16 inches wide by 14 inches high, $400.

  • Behind From Where We Came by Marcia K Hales


    This abstract painting by Marcia K. Hales is just the right size for your hallway, bathroom or any other small space where you want to add a splash of color.

  • Big Sky Over Diving Land by Jerry Gates


    Jerry Gates embraces mixed media in “Big Sky Over Diving Land.” This work is 18 inches wide by 24 inches high and evokes the passion Gates has for landscapes and nature.

  • Blue Rabbit by Daniel Heron


    Blue Rabbit by Daniel Heron uses mixed media to tell its story. This original art is 25 inches wide by 37 inches high and sells for $1,100.

  • Bright Vista by Charles Murphy


    Charles Murphy, long beloved for his clever watercolors, now conquers the abstract landscape world with his bold “Bright Vista.”

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