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  • Above the Gush by Jerry Gates


    “Above the Gush” by Jerry Gates, oil-pastel, 37.5 inches wide by 31.5 inches high, framed, $2,700.

  • Afternoon Light by Alan Maciag


    The warm glow at the end of the day…

  • Almost Home by Daniel Heron


    Distinctive color shines…

  • Amazing Grace by Anni Crouter


    Ms. Crouter is known for capturing the spirit of her subject matter in the eyes and she has done so lovingly with, “Amazing Grace.”

  • Aurora Night by Charles Murphy


    The amazing phenomenon of the Northern Lights…

  • Backlit Oak by Alan Maciag


    The feel of standing in the woods…

  • Bench or Table by Dick Davis


    Versatile as it is beautiful…

  • Berry Pie by Anni Crouter


    Playful abundance…

  • Born on the Beach by Lindy Bishop


    A beautiful day on the bay…

  • Charmed, I’m Sure by Anni Crouter


    Strength and beauty…

  • Clearing by William Sievert


    Soft, smoky, peaceful…

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