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  • Born to Soar by James Troutman


    James Troutman’s work with Brazilian soapstone is as graceful as his subject matter.

  • Carrying On by Margaret White


    Margaret White stretches into mixed media sculpture with “Carrying On,” a whimsical depiction of a girl and her … pigs.


  • Drake Green Wing Teal Duck by James Troutman


    James Troutman captures the dignity of a male teal duck in this Brazilian soapstone sculpture.

  • Hair by Rufus Snoddy


    Rufus Snoddy’s “Hair” is a mixed-media sculptural beauty; 22 inches wide by 94 inches high by 3 inches deep.

  • Hen Green Wing Teal Duck


    Jim Troutman’s original sculptures are lifelike, yet artistic. This female teal duck is at peace, yet ready to take to wing at a moment’s notice.

  • Hen Wood Duck by James Troutman


    A keen eye for detail and a talent for sculpture make Jim Troutman’s original artwork brilliant for the ages.

  • Never More by James Troutman


    “Never More” by Jim Troutman is a Brazilian soapstone carving.

  • Of Imminence by Rufus Snoddy


    Fly to close to the sun and you may get burned in Rufus Snoddy’s “Of Imminence.”

  • On The Rocks by James Troutman


    James Troutman artistically captures the action of a bear in the wild with “On The Rocks,” an original soapstone sculpture.

  • Pissing Off the Bull by Rufus Snoddy


    Rufus Snoddy’s clever use of materials and his abundance of talent make for wonderful, original mixed media sculptures. “Pissing Off The Bull” combines imagination with intrigue.

  • Standing Tall by James Troutman


    The magnificence of a bear is captured in “Standing Tall,” a Brazilian soapstone original sculpture by James Troutman.

  • The Chicken-Walker’s Daughter by Margaret White


    Margaret White’s whimsy, creativity and attention to detail come through in three dimensions with this clever sculpture, “The Chicken-Walker’s Daughter.”

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