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  • The Moments Wavering by Chris Trombley


    Color, line, shape and pattern dance together…

  • The Spirit of Ukraine by Doug Melvin


    What a proud majestic creature…

  • The Swimmer by James Troutman


    Rendered with the natural flow of the veins in the stone…

  • Then We Saw Horses by Daniel Heron


    Reminiscent of a Navajo painting…

  • Threads by Daniel Heron


    Shape and Color play across this canvas…

  • Three Circles Above by Rufus Snoddy


    Rufus Snoddy offers a quiet reflection in this small, but poignant Mixed Media piece.

  • Three Sceptors by Daniel Heron


    As a symbol of sovereignty…

  • Three Sisters by Steve Griggs


    Still life in threes…

  • To The Point by Mark Mehaffey


    Fresh, bright and ready to make a statement…

  • To The Shore by Ginnie Cappaert


    Layers of color and texture with a cool color palette…

  • Trees Listen to the Sky by Lynn Uhlmann


    This large scale study of trees is sure to make a statement for home or office.

  • Twisted Fish by Louise Pond


    We were humbled to watch Louise Pond paint this Soft Pastel right in our gardens… whilst capturing our namesake!

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