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  • Steam by Michelle Sider


    Simply exquisite is “Steam” by Michelle Sider.

  • Storefront by Daniel Heron


    Part of a series of three building structures…

  • Subtle Changes by Mara Manning


    Capturing change in color and tone…

  • Sumatra Amaryllis by Susan Bloye


    This brings the joy…

  • Summer by William Sievert


    Dream like memories on canvas is “Summer” by William Sievert.

  • Summer Wheat by Mark Mehaffey


    Bright & inviting is “Summer Wheat” by Mark Mehaffey.

  • Sunset by Ginnie Cappaert


    “Sunset” by Ginnie Cappaert maintains plenty of texture via layers of cold wax and oil.

  • Sunset Song by Karen Van Dam Michmerhuizen


    The interplay of light and shadow…

  • Tea Cups V by Michelle Sider


    Ms. Sider uses both Italian Glass (Smalti) & 14k Gold in this very special piece.

  • The Blue by Katarzyna Korytowska


    This painting sooths the soul with a peaceful pallet…

  • The Gathering by Daniel Heron


    The title says it all…

  • The Lower Escanaba by Jerry Gates


    “The Lower Escanaba” by Jerry Gates brings all the beauty of a northern Michigan evening into focus. It is an oil-pastel painting on paper.

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