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  • A Bit of Scotland by Alan Maciag


    Awww. Alan Maciag found “A Bit of Scotland” in our own backyard.

  • A Bit of Wind by Alan Maciag


    Get a fish-eye view of the harbor in Alan Maciag’s “A Bit of Wind.”

  • After the Big Catch by Alan Maciag


    Is there a better feeling than the one you get after a good day on the water? Alan Maciag captures that feeling in “After The Big Catch.”

  • After the Storm by Alan Maciag


    We all know of nature’s fury, but the flip side shows bold in “After The Storm” by Alan Maciag.

  • Autumn Color by Alan Maciag


    The peak of fall color can glorify your life all year long with “Autumn Color” by Alan Maciag.

  • Autumn’s Peak by Alan Maciag


    Invoking memories of Fall on the farm with Alan Maciag’s “Autumn’s Peak.”

  • Backlit by William White


    William White’s “Backlit” takes color to a new extreme. His use of shades of black emphasizes, brightens and emboldens the reds, purples and greens.

  • Beachcomber by Gail Hayton


    In “Beachcomber,” Gail Hayton captures a fall day on an empty beach — possibly the best kind of beach day.

  • Boardman in the Rain by Gail Hayton


    Gail Hayton has a talent for capture scenes other drive past, as seen in “Boardman in the Rain.”

  • Boathouse by Gail Hayton


    This scene has captivated passersby for years, and now Gail Hayton has captured “Boathouse” in a miniature oil painting with a custom frame.

  • Bonfires by William White


    This oil painting by William White captures the fire of red poppies, contrasted beautifully with greenery. It is a great size for that tricky spot in your home or office.

  • Bowl of Cherries by William White


    William White invites us to a summer feast in “Bowl of Cherries.”

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