Still Life

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  • Bowl of Cherries by William White


    William White invites us to a summer feast in “Bowl of Cherries.”

  • Bowl of Fruit by William White


    William White captures a summer day in this resplendent still life, done in oils.

  • Croissants by William White


    Breakfast is served in William White’s “Croissants.”

  • Gold Curtain With Red Stripes by William White


    Imagine waking up every morning to this cozy, colorful kitchen and sitting down with a steaming cup of tea. You can!

  • Le Petite Déjeuner by William White


    Tea, croissants, color and a pleasant setting all come together in this oil painting by William White.

  • Lunch in Summer Light by William White


    Food is served and wine is ready to flow in William White’s “Lunch in Summer Light.”

  • Passage #27/#350 by Ron Gianola


    Get a trio of nature, abstract and still life in one gorgeous package with Ron Gianola’s,”Passage #27 #350.”

  • Passage #39/#394 by Ron Gianola


    Serenity beckons in Ron Gianola’s “Passage #39/#394.

  • Patisserie by William White


    Colorful, playful and ready to feast is William White’s “Patisserie.”

  • Red Dotted Table Cloth by William White


    An expression of fun and food is William White’s “Red Dotted Table Cloth.”

  • Red Watermelon by William White


    Soft lines of the brush capture William White’s “Red Watermelon.”

  • Reflective Dinner by William White


    Soft, warm light invites one to dine in William White’s “Reflective Dinner.”