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  • Amazing Grace by Anni Crouter


    Ms. Crouter is known for capturing the spirit of her subject matter in the eyes and she has done so lovingly with, “Amazing Grace.”

  • Berry Pie by Anni Crouter


    Playful abundance…

  • Dockside: “Resort” by Charles Murphy


    The bustle of a seaside resort…

  • Dominance by Doug Melvin


    “Dominance” the animated horse by Doug Melvin is a beauty.

  • Fall’s Beginning by Mark Mehaffey


    From his Love the Country series…

  • Golden Thistle by William White


    A burst of color is electrifying to the canvas…

  • Holding Space in the Unknown I by Ginnie Cappaert


    Beautiful layers of color…

  • Honoring Nature by Ginnie Cappaert


    This lovely can peaceful piece measures 30×30.

  • It’s Waiting-Killdeer by Mark Mahaffey


    Watch where you walk…

  • Kudu by Sam Soet


    *Due to size of sculpture, purchase and shipping requires direct contact with Gallery. $231 264 0123

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