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  • Aurora Night by Charles Murphy


    The amazing phenomenon of the Northern Lights…

  • Bay Lane Beach by Lynn Uhlmann


    Tree and sky dance together…

  • Beach Baby by Anni Crouter


    Precious moments in nature…

  • Cardinals in Weeping Cherry Tree by Susan Bloye


    Cardinals are often found in pairs…

  • Day Flight by Lynn Uhlmann


    A companion piece to “Night Flight”…

  • Dripping Amber Honey by Chris Trombley


    Bold color and texture enliven…

  • Expecting by Daniel Heron


    Gentle soothing tones…

  • Fall Light Through Pine Grove by Jerry Gates


    Jerry Gates captures a Michigan autumn in “Fall Light Through Pine Grove.”

  • Fall’s Beginning by Mark Mehaffey


    From his Love the Country series…

  • Holding the Sun by Chris Trombley


    Gathering the energy from the sun…

  • Hopeful #49 by Lynn Uhlmann


    From her “Hopeful” Series…

  • Hopeful #50 by Lynn Uhlmann


    From her “Hopeful” Series…

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