Medium (25" - 36")

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  • Harp Fragments-Time Warp by Delbert Michel


    A classic, sculptural interpretation is grounding and peaceful in Delbert Michel’s, “Harp Fragments-Time Warp.”

  • Honoring Nature by Ginnie Cappaert


    This lovely can peaceful piece measures 30×30.

  • Horse Blanket Writings by Daniel Heron


    Iconic and playful…

  • In Sync by Shanny Brooke


    Spending time with someone you are in sync with…

  • Jazz by Daniel Heron


    An expression of music, people and movement…

  • Losing Marbles by Daniel Heron


    With a whimsical flare…

  • Misty Knoll by William White


    The view from a flowered knoll overlooks a grove of trees. Halfway up the painting, a light violet ridge line appears. Above the ridge line yellow and orange clouds rise to the top of the canvas. The blue green sky suggests impending rain.

  • Mom by Daniel Heron


    This sweet piece says it all…

  • Morning Light, Times Square by Mark Mehaffey


    The interplay of light…

  • Morning Mist by William White


    William White’s mastery and creativity with color come through in “Morning Mist.”

  • Muskrat Path by Richard Forrest


    Follow the path through the wetlands…

  • Neighborhood Park by Charles Murphy


    A myriad of memories goes into “Neighborhood Park.”

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