Medium (25" - 36")

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  • Peaceful Woods by Susan Bloye


    Serenity is here…

  • Rain Garden by Ann Robinson


    Dancing foliage with the flow of watercolor…

  • Red Stripe and Triangles by Daniel Heron


    “Red Stripe and Triangles” is a Mixed Media work…

  • Riven Rock by Karen Van Dam Michmerhuizen


    Muted colors and natural line…

  • River Bend Reflection by Jerry Gates


    Dreamlike and calm is “River Bend Reflection” by Jerry Gates, an oil-pastel painting on watercolor paper.

  • Seasonal Road by Karen Van Dam Michmerhuizen


    Drawn into birch woods down a rustic road…

  • Shed and Barn by Daniel Heron


    Part of a triptych series…

  • Shining Through by Connie Kuhnle


    Peeking amongst the clouds…

  • Signal Pass by Daniel Heron


    An interplay of shape and color…

  • Storefront by Daniel Heron


    Part of a series of three building structures…

  • Subtle Changes by Mara Manning


    Capturing change in color and tone…

  • Sugaring Shack by Alan Maciag


    You can almost taste the sweet maple syrup…

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