Medium (25" - 36")

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  • Black Walnut Walker by Sam Soet


    Black Walnut elegantly rests on granite base.

  • Calvary Knob I by Ralph Annunziata


    Using Acrylic & Graphite on paper, Ralph Annunziata studies the peacefulness of countryside in this series.

  • Calvary Knob II by Ralph Annunziata


    Companion to “Calvary Knob I & III.”

  • Calvary Knob III by Ralph Annunziata


    Companion to “Calvary Knob I & II,” this 3 works series makes a dramatic set if viewed as a collection.

  • Campfire at the Pond by Charles Murphy


    Gathering around the fire in the setting sun…

  • Cannery Boathouse, Glen Haven by Stan Myers


    A little peak into history…

  • Canoe with Birch Trees, Crystal Lake by Stan Myers


    Restful and inspiring…

  • Cathedral Pines by Mara Manning


    Majestic pines tower above…

  • Cheboygan by Michelle Tock York


    Brilliantly created from clay and found objects…

  • Cricket by Doug Melvin


    This little visitor to our gallery…

  • Dockside: “Harbor Morning” by Charles Murphy


    The quiet start to another beautiful day…

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