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  • Lights Blinking On by Charles Murphy


    The transition at sunset…

  • Lights on the Peninsula by Charles Murphy


    Majestic clouds of purples…

  • Long, Tall Glass of Water by Anni Crouter


    If you are looking for a statement, you have found it in Anni Crouter’s, “Long, Tall Glass of Water.”

  • Night Birds by Shanny Brooke


    Inspired by the peace found in her backyard…

  • Passage 103 by Ron Gianola


    Bright, vibrant colors dance across the canvas…

  • Passage 104 by Ron Gianola


    Calming to the mind with layers of color…

  • Reflecting On Our Land 2 by Ginnie Cappaert


    Land and sky, light and color create a subtle movement…

  • Retreat 6 by Ron Gianola


    Look closely…

  • Steam by Michelle Sider


    Simply exquisite is “Steam” by Michelle Sider.

  • Sun Shower by Charles Murphy


    Enjoying the majesty of sun and clouds…

  • The Blue by Katarzyna Korytowska


    This painting sooths the soul with a peaceful pallet…

  • Time To Chill by Michelle Sider


    Vivid colors make this piece shine…

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