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  • Good Ride by Joan Gerigk


    Shadows and reflections perfectly captured…

  • Great Service by Joan Gerigk


    Knowing when to capture the moment with gratitude is “Great Service” by Joan Gerigk.

  • Green Baroque by William Sievert


    Small in size, but grand in color & scale, is “Green Baroque” by William Sievert.

  • Green Lamp by William White


    This piece draws the viewer into the room with intrigue…

  • Heirloom Peonies by Alan Maciag


    The stories these peonies could tell…

  • Hollyhocks By The Sea by Alan Maciag


    Hollyhocks dancing in the sea breezes…

  • Hopeful Spring Woods by Lynn Uhlmann


    The vitality of the woods awaits…

  • I See Myself by Richard Forrest


    Beautiful & sentimental is “I See Myself” by Richard Forrest.

  • I See You by Connie Kuhnle


    Who is watching who…

  • Into the Clearing by Gail Hayton


    Depth from such a small canvas…

  • Into The Woods by Alan Maciag


    Plein Air at its finest…

  • Irises by Katarzyna Korytowska


    Inspired by her own gardens, artist Katarzyna Korytowska captures the vibrancy of “Irises.”

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