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  • Harvest End by Gail Hayton


    Where some see the sad end of summer, Gail Hayton captures the beauty of a clear, early fall day in “Harvest End.”

  • Heartland by Lindy Bishop


    Bold color, texture and line is “Heartland” by Lindy Bishop.

  • Hollyhocks and Daisies by Alan Maciag


    Picture perfect…

  • Home by Richard Forrest


    Michigan collectors will appreciate the splendor of this historic Leelanau residence.

  • I See Myself by Richard Forrest


    Beautiful & sentimental is “I See Myself” by Richard Forrest.

  • In Full Bloom by Alan Maciag


    We certainly get excited when the Poppies return…

  • Into the Clearing by Gail Hayton


    Farm life on a sunny day is depicted by Gail Hayton in, “Into the Clearing.”

  • Irises by Katarzyna Korytowska


    Inspired by her own gardens, artist Katarzyna Korytowska captures the vibrancy of “Irises.”

  • Jewels by Alan Maciag


    Every summer we get someone asking for a Maciag “cow.”

  • Lake by Katarzyna Korytowska


    Using a textural process of paint application, Katarzyna Korytowska captures serenity in, “Lake.”

  • Lake Morning by Alan Maciag


    Warm breeze, soft light and a welcome home draws us into Alan Maciag’s “Lake Morning.”

  • Last Flyover by Gail Hayton


    Capturing one of the last days on the river before heading south is Gail Hayton’s “Last Flyover.”

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