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  • Glowing Alstroemerias by William White


    Get a lesson in botany and art with “Glowing Alstroemerias” by William White.  He captures the beauty of these lilies with glorious light and fall color.

  • Hollyhock Row by Alan Maciag


    What plein air painter can resist a hollyhock find?

  • Horse Chestnuts by William White


    Soft and pretty is William White’s “Horse Chestnuts.”

  • Jump to Fly by Shanny Brooke


    “Jump to Fly” by Shanny Brooke reminds us that it all starts with one bold leap.

  • Le Petite Déjeuner by William White


    Tea, croissants, color and a pleasant setting all come together in this oil painting by William White.

  • Morning Light by Jerry Gates


    A peaceful start of the day in “Morning Light” by Jerry Gates, mixed media, 36 inches wide by 30 inches high, $2,200

  • Morning Mist by William White


    William White’s mastery and creativity with color come through in “Morning Mist.”

  • Peninsula Peonies by Ann Robinson


    Bright and beautiful are “Peninsula Peonies” by Ann Robinson.

  • Peonies by Joan Gerigk


    Simply elegant is “Peonies” by Joan Gerigk.

  • Pink Poppies by William White


    Colorful & romantic is “Pink Poppies” by William White.

  • Stuart Suite #1 by Joe DeLuca


    Joe Deluca’s work blends life experience & emotion onto the abstract canvas. 1, of a 3 part series, “Stuart Suite #1” is a reflection of life in color, texture & depth.

  • Summer Bloom by Alan Maciag


    Capturing the love of gardening is “Summer Bloom” by Alan Maciag.

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