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August 7, 2019
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September 5, 2019
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Poetic Abstraction featuring Rufus Snoddy & Pier Wright

“Poetic Abstraction” and “Prose & Poetry” featuring the visual and written works of Rufus Snoddy & Pier Wright

Two nights to enjoy nationally known artists, Rufus Snoddy and Pier Wright await at Twisted Fish Gallery in Elk Rapids.

Join us as we celebrate the Opening of “Poetic Abstraction” the combined works of Rufus Snoddy & Pier Wright on Friday, August 23rd at 6pm. Known for their abstract works, these artists peel back the layers of representation so as to allow color, texture, form & construct to speak what the eyes may not see. “Poetic Abstraction” will start conversations. It is a dialogue between artist and viewer that is as alluring as it is visually intriguing.  “Poetic Abstraction” runs through Saturday, September 14th.

Then return for a night of prose & poetry as Rufus & Pier share their written art on Friday, September 6th at 7pm. Pier will be reading poetry from his book, “Up Black Mountain” whilst Rufus will offer prose from his collection of observations & musings. Surrounded by their beautiful art works, this special event will entice all senses.

Bring friends. Bring family. Both nights offer a free and creative outlet in a space that is warm and welcoming.

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