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  • Autumn Sunlight by Antonio Macioce


    Subdued color makes a big statement in “Autumn Sunlight” by Antonio Macioce.

  • Called and Appointed by Karin Nelson


    This large scale Acrylic canvas of Karin Nelson measures 36″ square.

  • Corn Silk by Alan Maciag


    His love of Michigan farm life shines through…

  • Graying Up by Alan Maciag


    Capturing the beauty of a gray day, as only Alan Maciag can.

  • Marsh Series #4 by Debra LaRocque


    Setting a peaceful path…

  • Nest Series #56 by Debra LaRocque


    Smaller & oh, so sweet…

  • No Name Lake At Evening by Jerry Gates


    Are you ready to dip toes through the fog?

  • Port Oneida Farms by Karin Nelson


    The bucolic tone of Michigan’s Port Oneida farms are captured in peaceful balance in Karin Nelson’s “Port Oneida Farms.” *Due to canvas size, purchase & shipping requires direct contact with gallery. #231 264 0123 Thank you.

  • Quiet Farm by Karin Nelson


    This small canvas is big in sentiment.

  • Scattered Showers by Ann Robinson


    Light’s changing… but an artist’s eye captures it.

  • Summer by William Sievert


    Dream like memories on canvas is “Summer” by William Sievert.

  • Sunset by Katarzyna Korytowska


    Blending her love of oil painting and textural process, Katarzyna Korytowska creates a piece for the senses with, “Sunset.”

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