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  • Close to Home by Mark Mehaffey


    Just over the next hill…

  • Fresh Tracks by Alan Maciag


    For the winter lovers, this painting invites you onto the trails,…

  • Morning Has Broken by Susan Bloye


    The relief of the morning sun…

  • Sugaring Shack by Alan Maciag


    You can almost taste the sweet maple syrup…

  • Thanksgiving by Lindy Bishop


    Early winter colors abound…

  • Winter Blues by Mark Mehaffey


    Vibrancy during the cold season…

  • Winter Creek #1 by Lynn Uhlmann


    Playful and colorful, the trees seem to dance…

  • Winter Crystal River Woods by Lynn Uhlmann


    The winter trees invite us to dance with their vitality…

  • Winter Path by Thomas LeGault


    The calmness of winter is inviting…

  • Winter Yard I by Jerry Gates


    Blending Pastel & Graphite, Jerry Gates creates subtle nuances of light & shadow in “Winter Yard I.”