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  • Looking Toward a Peninsula Grape Vineyard by Jerry Gates


    Autumn is the season of the grape in northern Michigan — although the vineyards are gorgeous all year long.

  • Morning Light by Jerry Gates


    A peaceful start of the day in “Morning Light” by Jerry Gates, mixed media, 36 inches wide by 30 inches high, $2,200

  • Northern Fall Farm Grove by Jerry Gates


    Jerry Gates captures the temperament of a northern Michigan autumn in “Northern Fall Farm Grove.”

  • Peace Wood by Lynn Stephenson


    A new perspective on finding peace in nature…

  • Putting the River to Bed by Jerry Gates


    Easing into evening with “Putting the River to Bed” by Jerry Gates, oil-pastel, 37.5 inches wide by 31.5 inches high, $2,800, framed.

  • Riven Rock by Karen Van Dam Michmerhuizen


    Muted colors and natural line…

  • River Bend Reflection by Jerry Gates


    Dreamlike and calm is “River Bend Reflection” by Jerry Gates, an oil-pastel painting on watercolor paper.

  • Sleeping Bear Bluff by Lindy Bishop


    The flow of Lake Michigan breezes…

  • The Lower Escanaba by Jerry Gates


    “The Lower Escanaba” by Jerry Gates brings all the beauty of a northern Michigan evening into focus. It is an oil-pastel painting on paper.

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