found objects

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  • Cheboygan by Michelle Tock York


    Brilliantly created from clay and found objects…

  • Cricket by Doug Melvin


    This little visitor to our gallery…

  • Grasshopper by Doug Melvin


    How high can he jump…

  • Harp Fragments-Time Warp by Delbert Michel


    A classic, sculptural interpretation is grounding and peaceful in Delbert Michel’s, “Harp Fragments-Time Warp.”

  • Skater by Michelle Tock York


    Found objects and clay come together…

  • Spanish Tiles – The Alhambra” by Delbert Michel


    Inspired by travel, shape & language, Delbert Michel offers what spurs his creative process with, “Spanish Tiles- The Alhambra.”

  • Sparring Partners by Doug Melvin


    A sweet playful duo…

  • Watchful by Doug Melvin


    This friendly fox greets guests…

  • When The Days Are Bright by Michelle Tock York


    Whimsical, but introspective…