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  • Home by Richard Forrest


    Michigan collectors will appreciate the splendor of this historic Leelanau residence.

  • Into the Clearing by Gail Hayton


    Farm life on a sunny day is depicted by Gail Hayton in, “Into the Clearing.”

  • Leelanau Farm by Connie Kuhnle


    With Spring’s bloom off the Cherry Blossom & the warm hues of home, what could be more inviting than Connie Kuhnle’s ” Leelanau Farm.”

  • October Storm by Charles Murphy


    Clouds are rolling in and it’s time to get inside in Charles Murphy’s, “October Storm.”

  • Taking The Back Road Home by Connie Kuhnle


    Depicting our beloved Michigan farmland in soft light & warm hues is Connie Kuhnle’s, “Taking The Back Road Home.”