Peter Griz

Peter Griz

I have a fascination with the response wind can produce when interacting with one of earth’s elements like copper creating a mesmerizing piece of art which can bring about harmony and tranquil feelings. Early inspiration for my art work evolved from observing things as simplistic as my grandson’s “Delta Flyer” kite and the wind meter atop a cruise ship. I’m a native born West Virginian and a self-taught artist who retired from Ford Motor Company after 33 years in design and mechanical aspects which provided the knowledge to achieve the precision and balance in the creation of kinetic art.

My sculptures are constructed of dissimilar metals consisting of copper & stainless steel, hand hammered and fused together ensuring a high degree of mechanical integrity and quality craftsmanship. These elements are coupled together creating an innovative, artistic response to the ever changing currents of the wind. The captivating rhythm and sculptural symmetry is an expression and vitality of my art.

My kinetic sculptures are nationally & internationally recognized and can be seen on the ocean at resorts in the British Virgin Islands, public venues and private homes… a reflection of their wide appeal.

*Due to sculpture size, purchase & shipping requires direct contact with the Gallery. Please phone #231 264 0123 or email: for assistance. Thank you.

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