Lynn Stephenson

Lynn Stephenson

I am a nature artist because I have to draw what moves me. I feel if you are not passionate about your subject matter, and your chosen medium, it reflects in the quality of your work. I exclusively use colored pencil because I cannot imagine working in anything else. My style is highly detailed and realistic, but unlike photorealism, exhibits an exaggerated softness to reflect nature’s fragility.
I was introduced to drawing by my father who was a professional artist before entering the Army. Prior to school age, my family was stationed in Washington DC, Japan (where I was born), New York, and finally Michigan where I grew up. In high school I loved science as much as art, which led me to the University of Michigan’s School of Pharmacy. But Pharmacy proved a bad match for someone with a creative soul, and during my third year I transferred to their Penny W Stamps School of Art & Design where I earned my BFA.
After working in advertising for a few years, I married, had three children and life took over. Art returned to the forefront after our kids left home, and we moved to the shore in Traverse City where I have only to look out the window to be inspired. During the past few years I have created a series of works concerning the effects climate change has had on my home state of Michigan. These pieces feature shoreline structures or trees overtaken by record high lake levels, or endangered species like the Monarch butterfly, Rusty Patched bumblebee or Emerald Green dragonfly. I strongly believe pleasant images can be used to convey powerful messages. Initially I want the aesthetics of my art to draw in and engage the viewer. Questions over what my drawing represents will then lead to the environmental issue at it is heart. I use my own photos for reference material, so do a great deal of photography. To ensure my art is long lasting, I use heavy weight acid free drawing or watercolor paper, and only professional quality pencils with the highest light fastness ratings

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