Louise Malinowski

Louise Malinowski

After a fulfilling career in the medical field, my path led me on a new adventure, an adventure that I am passionate about. This passion is designing and creating original jewelry pieces. I have always admired the craftsmanship and creativity that is needed to create a piece of fine jewelry. I try to incorporate this creativity in each piece I design.

In my work, I like to use different metals, wires, natural stones, gemstones, pearls, art glass and beads to create depth and dimension to my pieces. For me, each piece tells a story like spring is here, I feel whimsical today, or this is my favorite color and it just makes me feel good.

I am a proud member of the Michigan Silversmiths Guild and have been fortunate to show and sell my work at the Ann Arbor Art Fair and multiple galleries in Michigan.

“My hope is that you will enjoy my wearable art as much as I enjoyed creating the piece.”

Sales of Louise Malinowski Handcrafted Jewelry are sold exclusively from our gallery. Please phone for assistance. #231 264 0123.

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