Joan Gerigk

Joan Gerigk

I love puzzles, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles. I love all of it and that is one of the reasons I think that I love painting. Painting is a puzzle whereby you must resolve one problem before you can go on and tackle the next. Then there is always the hope that at the end of this struggle there will be a successful conclusion. I find this process of problem solving very challenging and satisfying.
Of course, this is only one reason that I am drawn to painting. I also like the challenge of trying to convey beauty and emotion. The subject matter of my paintings can be quirky or sentimental depending on what has intrigued me about the subject matter. I tend to be more emotionally driven in my approach to painting. I hope that my paintings stimulate the viewer to see life from a different perspective.
I believe my career began with “Paint by Numbers” when I was in grade school. After completing the Last Supper, I thought I was a bona fide artist. However, I only sporadically dabbled in the Arts until much later in life when I began painting. I painted water colors and became a mural artist for a while. In 2010, I took an oil painting class in Petoskey and began to paint in oils. I find that painting is the most relaxing and satisfying thing one can do.

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  • Catching Wind by Joan Gerigk


    The thrill of the ride…

  • Good Ride by Joan Gerigk


    Shadows and reflections perfectly captured…

  • Great Service by Joan Gerigk


    Knowing when to capture the moment with gratitude is “Great Service” by Joan Gerigk.

  • Maiden Voyage by Joan Gerigk


    Feel the wind in the sails and the spray of the water…

  • Pears by Joan Gerigk


    Vibrant color and simple form…

  • Red Sky by Joan Gerigk


    A quiet evening on the water…

  • Summer Walk by Joan Gerigk

    Strolling through dappled light toward the warm sun on the beach…

  • Sure Bet by Joan Gerigk


    Waiting to ride is “Sure Bet” by Joan Gerigk.

  • The Homestead by Joan Gerigk


    Refined brush work and a soft palette lend to “The Homestead” by Joan Gerigk.

  • The Race by Joan Gerigk


    Feel the excitement of the competition…

  • The Workhorse by Joan Gerigk


    This beloved old truck sits ready for its next run…

  • Tulips by Joan Gerigk


    Luscious bright blooms with abundant foliage…

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