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  • Razor by Michelle Tock York


    You’ll be intrigued by the whimsical use of antique pulley, spring, beads & candle holder that creates, “Razor” by Michelle Tock York.

  • Rennie Day Apples by Lindy Bishop


    Capturing the moment before a great pick…

  • Respect by Ralph Annunziata


    This large scale canvas with wood trim frame speaks volumes.

  • Sofa Table by Dick Davis


    Measures 38.5″ wide by 26.5″ high by 18.25″ deep.

    *Due to size of this sofa table, purchase and shipment is handled through the Gallery directly. Please phone for more information. #231 264 0123

  • Spirit Seeker by Michelle Tock York


    Here is one proud turtle.

  • Spruce Desk & Bench by Dick Davis


    Desk measures 39″ wide by 21″ deep by 39″ high from base to tip of leaves. Bench measures 22″ wide by 16″ deep by 19″ high.

    *Due to size, Spruce Desk & Bench is only available for purchase through the Galley directly. Please phone to inquire. #231 264 0123

  • Taxi by Michelle Tock York


    With clay, fishline spool, wagon rail & antique toy car, Michelle Tock York creates, “Taxi.”


  • Unbreakable Bond by Doug Melvin


    There is no mistaking, this is a lifelong love.

  • Wilbur Went to Market by Michelle Tock York


    He’s off and running… “Wilbur Went to Market” by Michelle Tock York mixes her hand crafted ceramics with antique toy truck, antique cutting board, and wire.

  • Wood, Resin & Semi-Precious Stone/Shell Necklaces by Sam Soet


    Sam Soet offers a variety of original necklaces. Each are uniquely made with any combination of wood, resin & crushed stone or shell.

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