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  • Bartlett Pears by Margaret White


    Margaret White’s still lifes are legendary, from their detail to their color. “Bartlett Pears” is no exception.

  • Bouquet by Margaret White


    “Bouquet” by Margaret White is an oil-pastel painting with texture. This bouquet sunflowers are in a Tuscan pot and the whole painting is hugged by a hand-painted, vintage frame.

  • Earth Layers by Ginnie Cappaert


    Rooted and organic is “Earth Layers” by Ginnie Cappaert.

  • Gypsy Moon by Margaret White


    Margaret White’s “Gypsy Moon” is an oil-pastel painting in a hand-painted vintage frame.

  • Heartland by Lindy Bishop


    Bold color, texture and line is “Heartland” by Lindy Bishop.

  • Irises by Katarzyna Korytowska


    Inspired by her own gardens, artist Katarzyna Korytowska captures the vibrancy of “Irises.”

  • Lace Cap by Margaret White

    $1,200.00 $750.00

    Margaret White’s “Lace Cap” is an oil-pastel original painting in a vintage oval frame.

  • Moments by the Water by Ginnie Cappaert


    “Moments by the Water” offers color, texture and a long, abstract landscape by Ginnie Cappaert. Due to size of painting, please arrange purchase & shipping directly with the Gallery. $231 264 0123.

  • Mushroom by Daniel Heron


    From a series of smaller pieces, “Mushroom” by Daniel Heron stands alone or paired with “Night on the Lake” or “Sailing.”

  • Night on the Lake by Daniel Heron


    From his small canvas series & a companion to “Mushroom” & “Sailing,” “Night on the Lake” makes a sweet statement in Mixed Media.

  • Passage #74/#461 by Ron Gianola


    Ron Gianola’s original oil paintings use colors in inventive and imaginative ways, including hues not often seen in abstract paintings.

  • Passage #77/#466 by Ron Gianola


    Ron Gianola’s imaginative use of color will brighten any room.

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