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  • Joyful Work by Lindy Bishop


    We have the bees to thank…

  • Light House by William Sievert


    “Light House” by William Sievert paints a bit of mystery on the canvas as well as texture and tone.

  • Little Voices by Charles Murphy


    New to his mosaic series, is “Little Voices,” by Charles Murphy. This custom framed Acrylic measures 50″ wide by 38″ high.

  • Looking Toward a Peninsula Grape Vineyard by Jerry Gates


    Autumn is the season of the grape in northern Michigan — although the vineyards are gorgeous all year long.

  • Losing Love by Daniel Heron


    Rich in color as well as sentiment…

  • Losing Marbles by Daniel Heron


    With a whimsical flare…

  • Misty Knoll by William White


    The view from a flowered knoll overlooks a grove of trees. Halfway up the painting, a light violet ridge line appears. Above the ridge line yellow and orange clouds rise to the top of the canvas. The blue green sky suggests impending rain.

  • Monet Reflections by Ginnie Cappaert


    From her Monet series, upon a visit to France, Ginnie Cappaert creates, “Monet Reflections.”

  • Morning Garden View by Alan Maciag


    Feel the fresh air and sunlight…

  • Neighborhood Color by Alan Maciag


    Autumn colors glow…

  • Oranges After A Long Journey by Shanny Brooke


    Inspired by the emergence of spring…

  • Peaceful Evening by Joan Gerigk


    A “Peaceful Evening” it is… as captured by Joan Gerigk.

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