William White

William White

Ranging from old world interiors, classical views of northern Michigan, to abstract works in vivid colors, William White’s oil paintings challenge a viewer to become a participant in the artistic process. Bill uses simple subjects to create complex scenes with intricate details. The vibrancy of Bill’s work demands a viewer’s attention in any setting.

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  • Crocosmia and Russian Sage by WIlliam White


    Abundant color and shape dance together…

  • Garden’s Edge by William White


    “Garden’s Edge” by William White captures the beauty of a landscaped garden alongside the wilds of nature, topped off by beautiful light.

  • Golden Thistle by William White


    A burst of color is electrifying to the canvas…

  • Green Lamp by William White


    This piece draws the viewer into the room with intrigue…

  • Misty Knoll by William White


    The view from a flowered knoll overlooks a grove of trees. Halfway up the painting, a light violet ridge line appears. Above the ridge line yellow and orange clouds rise to the top of the canvas. The blue green sky suggests impending rain.

  • Morning Mist by William White


    William White’s mastery and creativity with color come through in “Morning Mist.”

  • Summer Meadow by William White


    Have you seen a garden this lush? With layers of oil to build depth and dimension, William White brings us a summer bouquet on canvas with, “Summer Meadow.”

  • Sunflower Field by William White


    Happy sunflower fields bring joy to the heart…