Thomas LeGault

Thomas LeGault

Thomas LeGault first discovered his passion for painting at the age of thirteen. A native of Michigan, he received his formal training at the well known Center for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Master Artist LeGault has continued to develop his style and techniques for the past thirty-seven years, supporting his family solely on showing and selling his works. Thomas has received many best of show awards while exhibiting in galleries, museum shows and art tours.

Over the years, LeGault has published many of his works and been asked to jury several of the nation’s top ten art shows. He is best known for his distinct style, strong use of color, and mirror reflective imaging. Traveling with his sketch book and camera, LeGault gathers inspiration and experience while enjoying plein air painting.

Today, Thomas LeGault is considered to be one of the top selling artists in the U.S., with paintings hanging in thousands of private collections.

The family enterprise is shared by son Michael, and daughter Jennifer, all helping to sell and promote his work. Thomas considers his artistic gifts a great blessing, and extends a heartfelt thanks to his past, present and future collectors for their interest and support.

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