Shanny Brooke

Shanny Brooke

“I paint from a place of fleeting moments or longer lasting experiences which are maybe from childhood. These experiences are often my reactions to current events, or current life situations. Sometimes they are mundane, and sometimes they are stories of how I am working to overcome obstacles. My work is deeply affected by my childhood and the people who had influences on me. Nostalgic is how I would describe it.
I venture in and out of figurative work and abstract work. I primarily have been working in either acrylic or cold wax and oil.This current series is dedicated primarily to the last couple of years of navigating the world of being a new business owner and the challenges which come with it.
The theme of balance and overcoming obstacles runs through many of my pieces, as it seems this is what presents itself most often. “Painting Out” my feelings has become a coping mechanism for me and has saved me from needing a psychiatrist. I hope a feeling of transcendence is always the final destination of each piece, and that others will find beauty, inspiration and thoughtfulness in my work.
I currently live in Williamsburg, Michigan with, Pam my other half and our two dogs: Hugh and Rat Bat (Frank).”

As both artist and owner of Higher Art Gallery in Traverse City, Shanny not only creates beautiful works, but is dedicated to promoting the arts in our community. Twisted Fish is thrilled to share creative space with her.

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