Ron Gianola

Ron Gianola

Ron was born in Detroit and currently resides in Honor, Michigan. As a teenager, he played in R&B, Rock and Soul bands and attended Cass Technical H.S. as a Design & Drafting student. Ron attended General Motors Institute and worked as a combination Engineering/Design student. General Motors corporate life revealed his true nature when he discovered that he was “not a team player.” He dropped the GM program to attend the Art School of the Society of Arts & Crafts (later known as the Center For Creative Studies) in Detroit’s Cultural Center.

Ron’s work has been in one-person exhibits and group shows, including numerous juried shows where he has won several awards. His work was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Northwest Michigan Regional Juried Exhibition at the Dennos Museum Center in Traverse City. Ron has collectors from the U.S., Europe and Japan and his work can be viewed in the Permanent Collection of the Dennos Museum.

Ron’s work has covered subject matter from the human figure to the landscapes- having been influenced by nature when moving out of the city to a rural community on the river. With his landscapes, Ron tries to vary a large area of color in a subtle gradation from side to side or top to bottom. He may also layer a veil of color over another dry area or into a wet area. In doing so, colors can be sympathetic in hue or value or saturation, depending on the effect desired. Alternatively, her uses several colors in the brush and varies the pressure just so to get unique expressive passages. His recent work has evolved into the realm of the more non-representational genre.

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