Margaret White

Margaret White

Margaret and her husband, also an artist, reside in Michigan. They are both retired art teachers. Margaret’s subject matter includes the human figure and face, flowers, birds, insects, vegetables, rich pattern and jewelry. Margaret wants each piece to have the ‘feel’ of an icon or altarpiece without the religious subject matter. Her use of gold leaf and the arched form suggest a reverence to the viewer. Margaret prefers oil pastel as her media choice and uses the techniques of incising or shaving with a knife to attain various details and textures. Margaret stated, “It continually surprises and delights me that no matter how delicate the filigree or jewel-encrusted the crown, the organic part of an image is always the most glorious…another contrast as man-made and God-made vie for attention”.

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  • Art Collector by Margaret White


    Margaret White’s “Art Collector” has a gold, hand-painted frame.

  • Carrying On by Margaret White


    Margaret White stretches into mixed media sculpture with “Carrying On,” a whimsical depiction of a girl and her … pigs.


  • Gypsy Moon by Margaret White


    Margaret White’s “Gypsy Moon” is an oil-pastel painting in a hand-painted vintage frame.

  • Lace Cap by Margaret White

    $1,200.00 $750.00

    Margaret White’s “Lace Cap” is an oil-pastel original painting in a vintage oval frame.

  • Mixed Message by Margaret White


    “Mixed Message” by Margaret White captures a moment with color and imagination.

  • Sunflower Queen by Margaret White


    Sunflower Queen by Margaret White is an oil-pastel textured painting, 21 inches wide by 25 inches high.

  • Waiting by Margaret White


    Capturing the simplicity and beauty of the human form is “Waiting” by Margaret White.