Marcia K. Hales

Marcia K. Hales

Marcia K. Hales never tires of exploring the “line” in her acrylic paintings. She likes the way it envelops space, creates texture, provides connections and sometimes gives direction. Marcia enjoys the process of art making — she needs to be totally alone in her small basement studio, preferably in the afternoons. “It’s not pretty and there is no view out the window, and yet when I’m there, there is nowhere I’d rather be.”

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  • Aretha by Marcia K Hales


    Ode to a queen. This Acrylic canvas glows from within, as did the Queen of Soul.

  • Heartfelt by Marcia Hales


    This small heart opening piece is sure to delight…

  • Ochreous Fog by Marcia Hales


    The light brightly shines through…

  • Pulling White by Marcia K Hales


    Are we wrapping up tightly or about to spin loose? You decide with “Pulling White” by Marcia K Hales.

  • Restless in The Time of Covid by Marcia K. Hales


    Layered contemplation is “Restless in The Time of Covid” by Marcia Hales.

  • Rock With Me by Marcia Hales


    Dancing with color, line and shape…

  • Signature Sequence 11 by Marcia Hales


    Another piece in the whimsical series…

  • Signature Sequence 12 by Marcia Hales


    Playing with line and shape…

  • Signature Sequence 5 by Marcia Hales


    Letting the colors play…

  • Tuesday Noon by Marcia Hales


    Wander in the layers of color and shape…

  • Untangled in New Bedford by Marcia Hales


    The flow of disentanglement…

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