James Troutman

James Troutman

James Troutman is a Michigan artist and member of the Grand Valley Artists Association.

When Jim is creating a sculpture, he visualizes a particular form in a piece of stone and develops a vision from the grain and unique color formation in the stone. He sculpts the stone to release his vision from within the stone. Sculptures are created from rough soapstone or alabaster mined from a quarry.

Tools used in his sculpting are wood carving tools, rasps, gouges, files and chisels. The finishing process requires hand sanding the form to a fine finish then waxing and polishing to bring out the warmth and beauty of the stone.

Jim’s inspirations for wildlife sculptures have come from travels to South Africa, Alaska, the United States and around the world.

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  • Big Boy by James Troutman


    This hand carved Brazilian Soapstone bear has caught his dinner!

  • Born to Soar by James Troutman


    James Troutman’s work with Brazilian soapstone is as graceful as his subject matter.

  • C-shaped Brazilian Soapstone Box by James Troutman


    An elegant keeper of special things…

  • C-shaped Tiger & Purple Heart Wood Box by James Troutman


    As beautiful as it is functional for holding treasures and more.

  • Half Moon-shaped Brazilian Soapstone Box by James Troutman


    In need of a keepsake holder?

  • Half Moon-shaped Purple Heart & Baltic Birch Wood Box by James Troutman


    You’ll be over the moon for this handcrafted treasure keeper.

  • Manatee by James Troutman


    Such a gentle beauty is found in James Troutman’s “Manatee.”

  • Never More by James Troutman


    “Never More” by Jim Troutman is a Brazilian soapstone carving.

  • On The Rocks by James Troutman


    James Troutman artistically captures the action of a bear in the wild with “On The Rocks,” an original soapstone sculpture.

  • Osage Orange Wood & Brazilian Soapstone box with Loon by James Troutman


    Distinctly unique, this box will guard your treasures.

  • Ready For Hibernation by James Troutman


    Looking for a resting spot…

  • Red Elm Wood & Brazilian Soapstone Box with Loon by James Troutman


    Mixing two lovely elements, Red Elm wood & Brazilian soapstone, this box is unique.