Delbert Michel

Delbert Michel

Delbert Michel describes his work as “lyrical and colorful abstractions.” He tends to work in series and finds inspiration in a variety of places. Besides his abstract paintings, he also makes mixed media assemblage paintings and has several site-specific commissions.
Delbert’s art is derived from his love of travel. Elements from his collection of textiles is found in many of his works. Having retired from Hope College in 2003 after 39 years as Professor of Art, Delbert has shown works internationally; including the Netherlands and the U.K.
We had the honor of watching Del create a fresh painting on stage amidst the sounds and strumming of the Traverse City Symphony Orchestra a few years ago. His wealth of knowledge, love of travel and sense of adventure reigns true in his works.

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  • Harp Fragments-Time Warp by Delbert Michel


    A classic, sculptural interpretation is grounding and peaceful in Delbert Michel’s, “Harp Fragments-Time Warp.”

  • Kilim Shield by Delbert Michel


    The texture & intricacies of found tapestry inspires art from Delbert Michel. “Kilim Shield” pays homage to the artist’s travel.

  • Mystic Memories by Delbert Michel


    Known for his love of textiles and travels…

  • Solitude & Shadows by Delbert Michel


    Companion to “Mystic Memories”…

  • Spanish Tiles – The Alhambra” by Delbert Michel


    Inspired by travel, shape & language, Delbert Michel offers what spurs his creative process with, “Spanish Tiles- The Alhambra.”