Charles Murphy

Charles Murphy

From traditional watercolors depicting northern Michigan scenes, to large abstract oil paintings, Charlie Murphy’s range of medium and subject matter is boundless. His frequent incorporation of fiber and other elements to create texture, adds further excitement to his work. As a teacher, book illustrator and artist, Charlie is well known and appreciated throughout Michigan.
We are honored to have Charlie teach workshops at Twisted Fish. He is known for his detailed attention to application. He is an engaging and attentive instructor.

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  • Advancing Storm by Charles Murphy


    Hear the crack of thunder…

  • Aurora Night by Charles Murphy


    The amazing phenomenon of the Northern Lights…

  • Campfire at the Pond by Charles Murphy


    Gathering around the fire in the setting sun…

  • Dockside: “Harbor Morning” by Charles Murphy


    The quiet start to another beautiful day…

  • Dockside: “Resort” by Charles Murphy


    The bustle of a seaside resort…

  • Evening Storm by Charles Murphy


    An explosion of color…

  • High Season Dockside by Charles Murphy


    The largest from his dockside series…

  • Lights Blinking On by Charles Murphy


    The transition at sunset…

  • Lights on the Peninsula by Charles Murphy


    Majestic clouds of purples…

  • Neighborhood Park by Charles Murphy


    A myriad of memories goes into “Neighborhood Park.”

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