Antonio Macioce

Antonio Macioce

Antonio Macioce grew up in Italy, where he used to draw whatever came into his head. After moving to the United States, he received his art training at Notre Dame as well as the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center. He states:
“In my many years of painting, I believe that I have yet to arrive at a definite style, but one that is constantly changing in both subject and technique.
It’s the expression of the moment…whatever inspires me to begin a new painting.
Personally, only one form of expression, would make painting predictable and dull.
A constant state of change and discovery gives rise to new emotions and sensations.
The majority of my paintings are from my imagination. My approach to color is instinctive rather than predetermined. After three years majoring in Chemical Engineering, I switched to Advertising and Design. Therefore, I want painting to be anything but an exact science. It’s more enjoyable to be surprised by what an empty canvas has been transformed into when the brush stops.
Whatever the style, my art reflects the spirit, the passion and the colors of my origin and life in Italy.”

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  • Abstraction by Antonio Macioce


    Colorful & dramatic are packed into a 24″ by 24″ canvas in “Abstraction” by Antonio Macioce.

  • Colorful Regatta by Antonio Macioce


    Sun is setting and sails are up!

  • Contemporary Farmland by Antonio Macioce


    Taking a turn towards the abstraction of detail, but beautifully layered is Antonio Macioce’s, “Contemporary Farmland.”

  • Lake View by Antonio Macioce


    Breathtaking in blue, Lake View captures the refreshing and peaceful sense of a day at the shore.

  • Landscape Imagery by Antonio Macioce


    This Acrylic is 36″ wide by 30″ high without frame.

  • Rainy Day by Antonio Macioce


    Fresh and colorful with an air of mystery, Rainy Day captivates the senses. 48 x 24 inches acrylics on canvas.

  • Sailing Abstraction by Antonio Macioce


    Large, colorful and suggestive of a sail is Antonio Macioce’s “Sailing Abstraction.”

  • Seashore by Antonio Macioce


    Seashore engages with its spacious and airy feel, and leaves the viewer longing to join the sailor. 24 x 48 inches acrylics on canvas.

  • Stormy Sea by Antonio Macioce


    Wind, waves… let’s go! Energy abounds in Antonio Macioce’s, “Stormy Sea.”