Alan Maciag

Alan Maciag

Alan Maciag paints with oils; his rural landscapes are a balance between form, distance, color and content. This balance creates a sense of calm and bucolic reverence for the rural heritage of Michigan. One is invited to simply “step in” for a moment and be surrounded by the spirit created on the canvas.

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  • Autumn’s Peak No. 2 by Alan Maciag


    From the nuance of captured light to brushwork, this is simply a beauty…

  • Century Farm by Alan Maciag


    We love the impressions pushed through the paint bringing “Century Farm” to life.

  • Dames Rocket Bloom by Alan Maciag


    These spring flowers blanket the forest floor…

  • Lily Pond by Alan Maciag


    “Lily Pond” is sweet and serene.

  • Neighborhood Color by Alan Maciag


    Autumn colors glow…

  • Pond View by Alan Maciag


    Lily pads and majestic rocks interplay…

  • Spring Morning by Alan Maciag


    Welcoming the warm spring light…

  • Summer Sunflowers by Alan Maciag


    Tall, strong and beautiful…

  • The Morning Herd by Alan Maciag


    Enjoying the fresh morning sunlight…

  • View At Daybreak by Alan Maciag


    The play of morning light among the majestic pines…

  • Western Light by Alan Maciag


    The dappled light of late afternoon…