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  • Beach Baby by Anni Crouter


    Precious moments in nature…

  • Beach Day by Mark Mehaffey


    Welcome to a Traverse City beach…

  • Beacon Dawning by Ann Robinson


    A popular area lighthouse…

  • Before the Storm by Jerry Gates


    Anticipation stirs the emotions in “Before the Storm” by Jerry Gates, mixed media on canvas, 16 inches wide by 14 inches high, $400.

  • Bench or Table by Dick Davis


    Versatile as it is beautiful…

  • Berry Pie by Anni Crouter


    Playful abundance…

  • Big Boy by James Troutman


    This hand carved Brazilian Soapstone bear has caught his dinner!

  • Big Cloud by Connie Kuhnle


    The quiet moment the cloud covers the sun…

  • Billboard, Hills and Subconscious by Rufus Snoddy


    There is a lot to explore with this colorful and textural construction by Rufus Snoddy.

  • Birch Forest by Karen Van Dam Michmerhuizen


    The pathway through…

  • Black Walnut Walker by Sam Soet


    Black Walnut elegantly rests on granite base.

  • Black Walnut Whitetail by Sam Soet


    Hand carved black walnut skull with authentic Whitetail antlers.

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