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  • Open Ice by Anni Crouter


    Enjoying some winter solitude with “Open Ice” by Anni Crouter.

  • Over the River by Gail Hayton


    Just “Over the River” to home is Gail Hayton at her best.

  • Red Berry by Anni Crouter


    A pop of red with berries and Cardinal give this winter scene some spice.

  • Reflections at the Pond by Gail Hayton


    Gail Hayton captures the reward for a bracing hike in the woods with the tranquil scene “Reflections in the Pond.”

  • Silent Sunset by Gail Hayton


    Serene & still. Gail Hayton captures the calming sense of a day’s end with, “Silent Sunset.”

  • Sleigh Ride at 4:00 by Gail Hayton


    The bucolic feeling of winter on a farm leaves a big impression from such a small frame in Gail Hayton’s “Sleigh Ride at 4:00.”

  • Snow Bunny by Anni Crouter


    Known for her love of nature and animals, Anni Crouter focuses on both with “Winter Bunny.”

  • Snowfall at Dusk by Charles Murphy


    Just finished whilst teaching one of his many fantastic acrylic courses at Twisted Fish, Charles Murphy depicts, “Snowfall at Dusk.”

  • Sunset Trees by Ann Robinson


    The wonder of Winter comes through with “Sunset Trees” by Ann Robinson.

  • Togetherness by Gail Hayton


    Time for some hay on a bright sunny day in winter. Gail Hayton captures a peaceful scene in, “Togetherness.”

  • Winter Abstraction by Debra LaRocque


    A Winter mood is set with Debra LaRocque’s, “Winter Abstraction.”

  • Winter Yard I by Jerry Gates


    Blending Pastel & Graphite, Jerry Gates creates subtle nuances of light & shadow in “Winter Yard I.”

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