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  • Big Boy by James Troutman


    This hand carved Brazilian Soapstone bear has caught his dinner!

  • Born to Soar by James Troutman


    James Troutman’s work with Brazilian soapstone is as graceful as his subject matter.

  • C-shaped Brazilian Soapstone Box by James Troutman


    An elegant keeper of special things…

  • Half Moon-shaped Brazilian Soapstone Box by James Troutman


    In need of a keepsake holder?

  • Manatee by James Troutman


    Such a gentle beauty is found in James Troutman’s “Manatee.”

  • Never More by James Troutman


    “Never More” by Jim Troutman is a Brazilian soapstone carving.

  • On The Rocks by James Troutman


    James Troutman artistically captures the action of a bear in the wild with “On The Rocks,” an original soapstone sculpture.

  • Osage Orange Wood & Brazilian Soapstone box with Loon by James Troutman


    Distinctly unique, this box will guard your treasures.

  • Ready For Hibernation by James Troutman


    Looking for a resting spot…

  • Red Elm Wood & Brazilian Soapstone Box with Loon by James Troutman


    Mixing two lovely elements, Red Elm wood & Brazilian soapstone, this box is unique.