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  • Farm Fresh Egg by Alan Maciag


    Alan Maciag makes us want to move here in this idyllic setting on a cozy farm.

  • Northern Fall Farm Grove by Jerry Gates


    Jerry Gates captures the temperament of a northern Michigan autumn in “Northern Fall Farm Grove.”

  • Over the River by Gail Hayton


    Just “Over the River” to home is Gail Hayton at her best.

  • Paying Attention by Alan Maciag


    Who doesn’t love a little conversing with our lovable bovines? These two have something to say in “Paying Attention,” by Alan Maciag.

  • Silver Spring by Robert Scudder


    Winter’s approach is beautifully captured in Robert Scudder’s “Silver Spring.”

  • Sunflower Row by Alan Maciag


    We love exploring the farmland here in Michigan and take great delight when coming upon a sunflower field.