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  • Century Farm by Alan Maciag


    We love the impressions pushed through the paint brining “Century Farm” to life.

  • Clearing Skies by Connie Kuhnle


    This Oil measures 16″ wide by 13″ high in gold trim and red wood frame.

  • Essence by Karin Nelson


    Soft hues of a countryside dwelling is captured with intent in Karin Nelson’s, “Essence.” *Due to size of canvas, please consult with gallery directly regarding shipping costs. Thank you.

  • Farm Pond at Sunrise by Lindy Bishop


    You can almost feel the wind blowing those clouds overhead…

  • Farmyard by Louise Pond


    “Farmyard” by Louise Pond echoes a bucolic call to a more simple life.

  • Green Apples by Lindy Bishop


    “Green Apples” measures 60″ wide by 40″ high, Unframed.

  • Hillside Solitude by Thomas LeGault


    “Hillside Solitude” by Thomas LeGault is an Acrylic measuring 36″ wide by 24″ high, unframed.

  • Northern Fall Farm Grove by Jerry Gates


    Jerry Gates captures the temperament of a northern Michigan autumn in “Northern Fall Farm Grove.”

  • Over the River by Gail Hayton


    Just “Over the River” to home is Gail Hayton at her best.

  • Quiet Farm by Karin Nelson


    This small canvas is big in sentiment.

  • Small Tractor (Petoskey Winery) by Joan Gerigk


    Known for her plein air technique, Joan Gerigk sits above the farm and works her magic on canvas as the farmer gets to work in the fields.

  • The Old Homestead by Louise Pond


    As captured in Plein Air light, Louise Pond offers, “The Old Homestead.”