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  • A Thousand Mornings by Steve Griggs


    In smaller format, but making its own statement is “A Thousand Mornings” by Steve Griggs.

  • Autumn Blend by Betty Bea Washburn


    Betty Bea Washburn captures the beauty of autumn and all its colors in “Autumn Blend.”

  • Cone Village by Chris Trombley


    Mixing bold floral with her neighborhood series…

  • Dancing by Mark Mehaffey


    Mixing a diverse blend of mediums, Mark Mehaffey creates, “Dancing.”

  • Dunes in Winter by Betty Bea Washburn


    Betty Bea Washburn captures the subtle colors of a Michigan dune during arguably the most dramatic season of the year.

  • Edge of Autumn by Betty Bea Washburn


    There’s that time in nature when it’s fall-but-winter-is-nigh and Betty Bea Washburn captures that flash in her watercolor painting, “Edge of Autumn.”

  • Jazmyn by Anni Crouter


    To love a horse. “Jazmyn” captures the energy, beauty and admiration artist, Anni Crouter has for her beloved. *Due to size of canvas, please consult with gallery directly regarding shipping costs. Thank you.

  • Night by Kataryzna Korytowska


    Emotional is the palette and texture in, “Night” by Katarzyna Korytowska.

  • Passage #74/#461 by Ron Gianola


    Ron Gianola’s original oil paintings use colors in inventive and imaginative ways, including hues not often seen in abstract paintings.

  • Passage 116 by Ron Gianola


    Should you need energy & color to make a statement…

  • Relic by Anni Crouter


    Who’s looking at you? “Relic” by Anni Crouter measures 31″ wide by 43″ high in black frame.

  • Retreat 6 by Ron Gianola


    Look closely…

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