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  • Before the Storm by Jerry Gates


    Anticipation stirs the emotions in “Before the Storm” by Jerry Gates, mixed media on canvas, 16 inches wide by 14 inches high, $400.

  • Born on the Beach by Lindy Bishop


    A beautiful day on the bay…

  • Campfire at the Pond by Charles Murphy


    Gathering around the fire in the setting sun…

  • Flowering Fields and Woodlands by Stan Myers


    Exquisitely rendered…

  • Lights Blinking On by Charles Murphy


    The transition at sunset…

  • Lights on the Peninsula by Charles Murphy


    Majestic clouds of purples…

  • Maiden Voyage by Joan Gerigk


    Feel the wind in the sails and the spray of the water…

  • Moon City by Lindy Bishop


    One of a series of moonlight paintings…

  • Sun Shower by Charles Murphy


    Enjoying the majesty of sun and clouds…

  • Three Adirondack Chairs by Stan Myers


    A simple grouping tells a story…