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  • Centerpiece by William White


    Looking for a floral statement piece for the dining room or library? Look no further than William White’s “Centerpiece.”

  • Crabapple Grove by William White


    Springtime in all its glory shines in William White’s Crabapple Grove.

  • Full Floral by Thomas LeGault


    This unframed Acrylic measures 24″ wide by 36″ high.

  • Les Pavots by William White

    $3,200.00 $2,900.00

    A bold statement is made by William White with this close observation of blooming Poppies.

  • Lilacs by William White


    Springtime, color and fragrance (it seems) burst out of William White’s “Lilacs.”

  • Marsh Series #5 by Debra LaRocque


    Peaceful and green is “Marsh Series #5” by Debra LaRocque.

  • Passage #110/#502 by Ron Gianola


    Ron Gianola is not shy with color and uses shape wonderfully in this long, vertical oil painting.

  • Passage #74/#461 by Ron Gianola


    Ron Gianola’s original oil paintings use colors in inventive and imaginative ways, including hues not often seen in abstract paintings.

  • Passage #77/#466 by Ron Gianola


    Ron Gianola’s imaginative use of color will brighten any room.

  • Summer Meadow by William White


    Have you seen a garden this lush? With layers of oil to build depth and dimension, William White brings us a summer bouquet on canvas with, “Summer Meadow.”

  • Summer Sunflowers by Alan Maciag


    Tall, strong and beautiful…

  • The Leaning Tree by William White


    Bright, playful, and a bit surreal is William White’s “The Leaning Tree.”