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  • Born to Soar by James Troutman


    James Troutman’s work with Brazilian soapstone is as graceful as his subject matter.

  • Branching Out by Anni Crouter


    The lovely Spoonbill is perched & ready for viewing in Anni Crouter’s, “Branching Out.”

  • Emerald Starling by Anni Crouter


    Anni Crouter’s love for animals and color is abundant in Emerald Starling.

  • I Saw That by Lindy Bishop


    Who’s looking at you?

  • Red Berry by Anni Crouter


    A pop of red with berries and Cardinal give this winter scene some spice.

  • The Nest by Margaret White


    Margaret White can’t resist whimsy, as shows in “The Nest,” an oil-pastel painting.

  • Ursula by Michelle Tock York


    We are in love with this sweet lil birdy.