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  • A Passing Moment by Richard Forrest


    That soft afternoon sun on our beloved Michigan coastline is captured beautifully in Richard Forrest’s, “A Passing Moment.”

  • Beach Baby by Anni Crouter


    Precious moments in nature…

  • Beach Day by Mark Mehaffey


    Welcome to a Traverse City beach…

  • Born on the Beach by Lindy Bishop


    A beautiful day on the bay…

  • Dunes in Winter by Betty Bea Washburn


    Betty Bea Washburn captures the subtle colors of a Michigan dune during arguably the most dramatic season of the year.

  • Michigan Beach by Katarzyna Korytowska


    The freshwater shores beckon…

  • Northern Beach by Katarzyna Korytowska


    Beaches as we know them in northern Michigan…

  • Skipping Stones by Gail Hayton


    The charm of enjoying beach stones as a child…

  • Summer Walk by Joan Gerigk


    Strolling through dappled light toward the warm sun on the beach…

  • The Dam Beach, E.R. by Susan Bloye


    The peaceful end to a day at the beach…

  • The Shape of Water by Louise Pond


    Behold this award-winning piece…