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  • A Passing Moment by Richard Forrest


    That soft afternoon sun on our beloved Michigan coastline is captured beautifully in Richard Forrest’s, “A Passing Moment.”

  • Beyond by Lindy Bishop


    With belly on beach, you look “Beyond” to see the shoreline.

  • Dunes in Winter by Betty Bea Washburn


    Betty Bea Washburn captures the subtle colors of a Michigan dune during arguably the most dramatic season of the year.

  • Either Way by Lindy Bishop


    A larger perspective from her “belly on beach” series, Lindy Bishop captures wind, water, reed and plenty of sunshine with, “Either Way.”

  • Good Surf Day by Thomas LeGault


    Why yes it is a Good Surf Day and this acrylic painting by Thomas LeGault will always put you right on Michigan’s beaches.

  • New Days by Richard Forrest


    Who doesn’t love our Michigan dunes? Richard Forrest captures them in soft afternoon light, in “New Days.”

  • Outside Myself by Lindy Bishop


    A day at the beach, just for you.

  • Point Betsie by Connie Kuhnle


    Majestic she stands in the summer sun.

  • Return by Lindy Bishop


    Companion piece to “Such A Beach,” Lindy Bishop’s “Return” begs for a few more hours at the shoreline.

  • Such A Beach by Lindy Bishop


    Companion to “Return,” Lindy Bishop’s playful “Such A Beach” brings summer to your space all year long.

  • Via Chicago by Lindy Bishop


    Road trips between Michigan & Chicago are so much better when you can take this kind of stop.

  • Whisper by Lindy Bishop


    Companion to “Beyond.” This small, but lively piece offers peaceful tranquility at the beach.

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