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  • A Sailor & a Farmer #2 by Lindy Bishop


    Work and play…

  • Barn Flowers by Alan Maciag


    Barn and flowers engage the viewer…

  • Cherry Blossom Annual Rave by Lindy Bishop


    The shimmer of the blossoms…

  • Golden Days by Antonio Macioce


    The beauty of farm life in the Fall is evident in “Golden Days” by Antonio Macioce.

  • Red Barn 2, Sleeping Bear National Park by Stan Myers


    Historical as it is beautiful…

  • Silver Springs by Robert Scudder


    You just have to love the barns in Michigan…

  • Summer by Robert Scudder


    A peaceful summer day…

  • The Red Barn by Robert Scudder


    Feel the breezes in the expansive fields…