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  • Carrying On by Margaret White


    Margaret White stretches into mixed media sculpture with “Carrying On,” a whimsical depiction of a girl and her … pigs.


  • Cricket by Doug Melvin


    This little visitor to our gallery…

  • Ella by Alan Maciag


    Alan always has a way of painting cows…

  • His Majesty by Anni Crouter


    “His Majesty” is a stunning large format acrylic by award-winning artist, Anni Crouter.

  • Moo To You by Anni Crouter


    Anni Crouter’s “Moo To You,” captures the spirit of our beloved bovines.

  • Quirky Chirky by Michelle Tock York


    Rabbit, Chickie or Imaginery animal…

  • Snow Stash by Anni Crouter


    Wiskers brushed with snowy frost…

  • Tight Turn by James Troutman


    Enjoy the playful flow of this happy otter…

  • Watchful by Doug Melvin


    This friendly fox greets guests…